What Is the Average Cost Of CBD Oil?

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What is the average cost of CBD oil? With the new market for CBD products since its legalization, the prices vary from company to company, products to products.

The first thing to consider before buying any CBD product is “Quality”. The quality of the CBD product should always be a priority. If you put affordability before quality, you might end up buying a fake CBD product. See this article A – Z Guide to Cannabidiol CBD Oil to learn how to differentiate between fake and genuine CBD oil.


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What is the average cost of CBD oil?


The prices are largely determined by several factors such as the cost of production, CBD types and the greed of the vendors. However, on average, across the industry, CBD cost about 0.05 USD / milligram on the minimum and 0.025 USD per milligram on the maximum.

For more information on how to price out CBD see the video below.


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